Next Meeting:                                                                            

When: Saturday,  January 11, 2020:
             Lunch Served ..............................................................................11:00 a.m.
Lunch & Learn Safety Session by Dr. Bob Herndon .............11:15 a.m
Regular Business Meeting ......................................................11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m..  
Where: Harrell Field Clubhouse

Coley Richardson will prepare catfish for lunch.                            

Business Meeting Agenda:

               1. Declare a quorum
               2. Thank Lunch preparers
               3. Lunch volunteer for next month
               4. Recognize guests
               5. Approval of minutes
               6. Activities Committee Report
               7. New Pilots & Ratings
               8. New applications for membership
               9. Financial Report             
             10. New Business:
a. New Clubhouse build next step
                   b. Ideas to make CMLF more attractive:
                            New Years event success - Steve & Boyd                                          

             11. Old Business:
a. Runway Committee status report

Minutes of Last CMLF meeting: 
Central Mississippi Light Flyers
Date:  12-14-19
Meeting Minutes

President Paul Hockin called the meeting to order at 11:24.
Other officers present were Robert McCarter, Dee Gilliland, and Cheri Anglin.
It was noted that a quorum was established with 25 voting members present.

Walter Atkinson gave a safety presentation on cold weather flying.  Sonya told about her experience giving CPR and encouraged everyone to learn CPR.

Paul thanked Coley and Doug Denton for providing lunch (and himself).  Coley will cook catfish and chicken in January.  Tony volunteered to provide lunch in February.

Guests included new member Dwight Burnett who flies a powered parachute, Chester’s granddaughter, Sairia, and returning guest Gary Barnett.

Bill Lehr moved that the minutes be approved, Robert McCarter seconded it, and they were approved.

Upcoming activities include the New Year’s Day fly-in at Steve Dowell’s hangar and Sun-N-Fun in April.

Dee gave the financial report.  We had over 30 planes and 110 attendees at our November fly-in.  We currently have 54 members. Our current cash balance is sufficient to cover operating expenses through June 30, 2020. Cash is also available to complete all the concrete costs for our new clubhouse/hangar. We still have not elected to buy insurance to cover the construction phase of our new clubhouse/hangar. Carlton is finalizing legal efforts to recover delinquent rentals related to Carl Fox’s C-140 in Mark’s hangar. CMLF sent flowers for Tommy’s wife’s funeral.

Cheri suggested that the club invest in an AED.

Bill Lehr moved to adjourn at 12:06, and Carlton seconded it.

Respectfully submitted,

Cheri Anglin

Historical Minutes:
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                        FY06 > -------------- Not on file --------------- Jan06 Feb06 Mar06 Apr06 May06 Jun06                   
                        FY07 > Jul06 Aug06 Sep06 Oct06 Dec06 Jan07 Feb07 Mar07 Apr07 May07 Jun07
                        FY08 > Jul07 Aug07 Sep07 Oct07 Dec07 Jan08 Feb08 Mar08 Apr08 May08
                        FY09 > Jul08 Aug08 Sep08 Oct08 Dec08 Jan09 Feb09 Mar09 Apr09 May09
                        FY10 > Jul09 Aug09 Sep09 Oct09 Dec09 Jan10 Feb10 Mar10 Apr10 May10
                        FY11 > Jul10 Aug10 Sep10  none Dec10 Jan11 Feb11 Mar11 Apr11 May11
                        FY12 > Jul11 Aug11 Sep11 Oct11 none   none  none   none   none   none
                FY13 > Jul12 Aug12 Sep12 Oct12 none Jan13 Feb13 Mar13 Apr13 May13
                        FY14 > Jul13 Aug13
Sep13 Oct13 Dec13 Jan14 Feb14 Mar14 Apr14 May14 Jun14
                        FY15 > Jul14 Aug14 Sep14 Oct14 Dec14 Jan15 Feb15 none   Apr15 May15
                        FY16 > Jul15 Aug15 Sep15 Oct15 Dec15 Jan16 Feb16 Mar16 Apr16 May16
                        FY17 > Jul16 Aug16 Sep16 Oct16 Dec16 Jan17 Feb17 Mar17 Apr17 May17
                        FY18 > Jul17 Aug17 Sep17 Oct17 Dec17 Jan18 Feb18 Mar18 Apr18 May18
                        FY19 > Jul18 Aug18 Sep18 Oct18 Nov18 Dec18 Jan19 Feb19 Mar19 Apr19 May19
                        FY20 > Jul19 Aug19 Sep19 Oct19 Dec19 Jan20 Feb20 Mar20 Apr20 May20

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