Next Meeting:                                                                            

When: Saturday,  March 10, 2018:
             Lunch Served ..............................................................................11:00 a.m.
Lunch & Learn Safety Session by Dr. Bob Herndon .............11:15 a.m
Regular Business Meeting ......................................................11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m..  
Where: Harrell Field Clubhouse

John Mudgett will provide lunch.                            

Business Meeting Agenda:

               1. Declare a quorum
               2. Thank Lunch preparers
               3. Lunch volunteer for next month
               4. Recognize guests
               5. Approval of minutes
               6. Activities Committee Report
               7. New Pilots & Ratings
               8. New applications for membership
               9. Financial Report             
             10. New Business:
a. Appoint Nominating Committee for FY19 Officers.                                       

             11. Old Business:
a. Runway Committee status report
                   b. Clubhouse/Hangar Committee status report

Minutes of Last CMLF meeting: 
Central Mississippi Light Flyers
Date:  2-10-18
Meeting Minutes

President Regina Coker called the meeting to order at 11:16.
Other officers present were Alex Lovertich, Dee Gilliland, Bob Herndon, and Cheri Anglin.
It was noted that a quorum was established with 16.

Dr. Bob gave a safety presentation on winter flying, birds’ nests, and using checklists.

Regina thanked Boyd for providing lunch. John Mudgett volunteered to provide lunch in March.

There were no guests.

Bill Lehr moved that the minutes be accepted, David Smith seconded, and they were approved.

Bill Lehr gave the activities committee report. The Yazoo fly-in is March 3.  Cheri mentioned that the Collings Foundation’s Wings of Freedom Tour will be in Hattiesburg March 5-7.

Bill Lehr got his seaplane rating.

Dee gave the financial report.  We have 43 paid members.  Hangar rent is on budget. Unbudgeted expenses this month included $4500 for our property survey and clearing the NW corner. We paid $650 in property taxes for CY2017. In December we applied for a property tax exemption as a non-profit organization, but we did not qualify. In spite of these added expenses, the club will try to pay off the five-year balloon note in September 2018.   

Regina reported on the hangar committee.  Brad Whittle is no longer able to fly so he is putting his Bee-Lite ultra-light up for sale in order to vacate his hangar.

Boyd reported on the status of the runway.  The runway will be widened and realigned with our east property line. This spring we will level it up and get Bermuda growing in the new areas.

Carlton offered to donate 50 used trusses from a building project he is currently demolishing. These trusses could be used in Phase 1 of a multi-year project that would put poles in the ground and complete the roof of a 100 x 50-foot building that can be used for fly-ins. In Phase 2, 40% of this project can be finished out as our new clubhouse while Carlton and Coley will use the other 60% of the building as their hangar. Carlton and Coley will pay 60% of the cost of the project. The club’s share for Phase 1 is estimated to be $3000. After much discussion Dr. Bob moved that we accept Carlton’s offer for free trusses to go toward a new 100 x 50-foot hangar/clubhouse, Paul seconded it, and it was approved. 

Dr. Bob moved that the meeting be adjourned at 12:10.

Respectfully submitted,

Cheri Anglin

Historical Minutes:
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