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If you have an interest in flying and would like to associate with others who enjoy safe flying as a hobby, we invite you to come to Harrell Field to see what we are doing. We recommend that you attend several club meetings to meet our current members and to discuss your flying interests. Our members have varied aviation backgrouds - (experimental builders, military and airline pilots, instructors, ultralight, sport pilot, helicopter, soaring, etc.) On "good weather" days (especially weekends), you can usually find several members at Harrell Field.

Many people are not aware of the new FAA Sport Pilot category. Whether you're completely new to aviation or have flown aircraft before, Sport Pilot is the new way to fly that is easier, quicker to learn, more affordable, safe, and loads of FUN!

As a Sport Pilot, you can fly a qualified Light Sport plane in daytime VFR and carry a passenger. No formal FAA medical is required, but you must have a valid drivers license, and maintain your bi-annual flight reviews. The full list of sport pilot permissions and limitations are on the Sport Pilot website.

Full membership dues for CMLF are $200 per year. Our fiscal year is July 1 - June 30. New member dues are prorated for the remainder of the fiscal year.

If you are interested in joining, you should pick one of our members as a "Mentor". Your Mentor is responsible for taking your membership application and helping you with learning our club rules and procedures. Your Mentor will answer your questions and will introduce you to our club at a regular CMLF meeting when you are ready to join. You should come to Harrell Field on a weekend (or attend a meeting) and ask a member to become your mentor.

Below is the CMLF membership application form that you will be asked to submit:
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Central Mississippi Light Flyers   (CMLF)                                  
Membership Application Form

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This is to certify that I have received and read a copy of the CMLF Safety Rules and Bylaws, and I fully understand my membership obligations to CMLF.
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CMLF contact information
         Bill Lehr, Treasurer CMLF
         106 Park Place
         Brandon, MS  39042
         Cell - 601 842 6346
         CMLF official website:  http://www.cmlfclub.com