Central Mississippi Light Flyers (CMLF)
Safety Rules and Operating Procedures (SROP)
As amended on September 13, 2014  

Safety Rules (SR)

1.“The pilot in command of an aircraft is directly responsible for, and is the final authority as to, the operation of that aircraft.” (FAR 93.1)

2.Pilots shall comply with applicable Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR), Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM), Basic Flight Information and ATC procedures, and Central Mississippi Light Flyers Safety Rules (SR) and Operating Procedures (SROP) while conducting flight operations at Harrell Field (MS08).

3.Before starting any aircraft engine, always call, “Clear prop!”

4.Do not leave your aircraft unattended with an engine running.

5.Maintain 900’ MSL (500’ AGL) minimum altitude over people and hangars.

6.Use a checklist for take-offs and landings.

7.Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on Harrell Field (MS08).

Operating Procedures (OP)

1.Airfield: Runway 18/36 at Harrell Field (MS08) is a 2600’x75’ grass (turf) airstrip at 385’ MSL.

2.Airspace: Harrell Field (MS08) is located in Class G airspace (surface to 1200’ AGL) 2.9 NM north of V18.

3.Normal pattern is left-hand traffic at 1400’ MSL (1000’ AGL) using MULTICOM frequency 122.90.

4.Preferred takeoff direction is to the North and land to the South (wind/weather permitting).

5.Normal hours for flight operations are from 30 minutes prior to sunrise and until 30 minutes past sunset.

6.Engine run-up and take-off roll on RWY 36 should begin abeam/north of the “old Clubhouse Hangar”.

7.Do not taxi, take-off, or land (if practical) when the runway is too wet/soggy (i.e. leave no ruts).

8.Watch for turbulence/rotor generated by trees bordering the airfield during crosswind conditions.

9.Be alert for other aircraft, vehicles, farm equipment, and/or personnel on the active runway.

10.SEE AND AVOID: Exercise extreme caution due to local glider, ultra-light, light sport and general aviation activity; transiting helicopters; agriculture aviation operations; and IFR arrivals to JAN(123.9 MHZ).

Administrative Note

The CMLF Safety Officer will conduct an annual SROP review.
Harrell Field MS08
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